This is MS-DOS emulator for Linux. Supports CLI and text mode fullscreen but no graphics. It uses host filesystem (limited to lowercase 8.3 names). Processor is not emulated, v86 mode is used, so emulator is limited to x86 processor family. DPMI implementation is very limited. It's a crap.


nodos [-dqusb] [-L log] [-c cwd] [var=val]... exe [args]
 -s     emulate screen
 -c cwd report cwd as DOS cwd
 -d     debug
 -u     stdin, stdout stat as files, not CON
 -a n   convert path in arg n
 -L log debug file, -S dump screen to file

Download: nodos-11.tar.gz ()

You may have to run sysctl vm.mmap_min_addr=0 as root in order to enable page zero access. Apparently some paranoic individuals behind major Linux distributions think that disabling low (virtual) address access increases security. This makes v86 mode unusable.

See also: my DOS filesystem library.

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