Fatlib is a C library manipulating DOS floppy images containing FAT filesystem. It compiles currently under Linux, and possibly BSD.


Download: fatlib-0.15.tar.gz
Not tested well, esp. FAT32.


#include <fatlib.h>

Most functions return -1 or NULL on error and set errno.

Disk image is represented by opaque DRIVE* type returned by an open function and supplied as argument to other functions.

DRIVE *fat_open_virt(struct fat_dops *dops, void *priv, int rw)
DRIVE *fat_open_image(const char *path, int rw)
void fat_drive_close(DRIVE*)

Fat_dops structure contains user's methods (read, write...) providing image abstraction. They operate on series of bytes not organized in sectors, it is expected that a user will reorganize and buffer disk accesses.

Forward slash (/) is a separator in paths (Unix convention). File names use UTF-8.

For file i/o generic FILE* interface is used [stdio.h]. It can be obtained by:

FILE *fat_fopen(DRIVE*, const char *path, const char *mode)

If something has been written to a FILE, it should be explicitly fclosed on exit to ensure that stdio buffers are flushed.

Directory operations use FDIR* pointer (similar to libc's DIR*):

FDIR *fat_opendir(DRIVE*, const char *path)
int fat_readdir(FDIR*, struct fat_dirent*)
void fat_closedir(FDIR*)

See fatlib.h for more...

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