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What is this?
ComRing is a small piece of code intended to emulate network over serial ports. It is standard DOS packet driver emulating Ethernet. It can link more than 2 computers using only one port per computer. To do it you need to have special cable (null-modem works also, of course).

Using pdipx (included) you can play old good DOS games in multiplayer mode.

ComRing itself doesn't give any user-level functionality eg. disk sharing, file copying, talk etc.

What about Windows?
There is no Windows port (I cant program in Windoze, maybe you), but...

Here is document of the ComRing win95/win98 linkup - contributed by John Tunst.

ComRing arranges computers in a form of ring. Data is circulating in fixed direction. Cable simply connects output of one computer to input of next one. One wire connects grounds. For two computers it is simple null-modem cable. For details look at the documentation from package.

Binary: comrg120.zip (31KB, Dec 98) Not fully tested.
Sources: cr120src.zip.

To work properly all connected computers have to have ComRing driver working. If one fails whole network will fail.

Ethernet addresses generated by versions before 1.20 were invalid.

Pdipx is written by Colin Cook.

Jan Bobrowski (~jb)
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